In case you missed it, here’s our pick of ten of the most interesting articles from around the Norton Rose Fulbright global blog network.

  1. In insurance news, changes in the insurance and medical schemes acts, to accommodate the demarcation regulations, have been made.
  2. Here is some insight into the operation and interpretation of a retroactive date in an insurance policy.
  3. In energy law, we looked at climate change impacts and why they must be assessed as part of the environmental authorisation process.
  4. Be mindful of when risk passes in a sale.
  5. From our Inside Brexit blog, read about the impact Brexit could have on protections available to foreign direct investors.
  6. Here is a reminder about the once-and-for-all rule in delictual damages claims.
  7. In social media law, we cover the growth of digital payments on social networks.
  8. Also, Germany considers € 50 million fines for social media sites failing to remove hate speech.
  9. Read our post on developments in West Africa and the financing of cocoa, from our Inside Africa blog.
  10. For insight into the implications of fake news for fact checking, check out our post, Who is fact checking the fact checkers?