On 22 November 2018, the European Investment Bank (EIB) published the fourth edition of its banking in Africa report. This latest report, Banking in Africa: Delivering on Financial Inclusion, Supporting Financial Stability, focuses on recent developments in Africa’s banking sectors and the policy options for all stakeholders, and includes the results of the EIB’s survey of banking groups operating in Africa.

Three thematic chapters address the challenges and opportunities for financing investment in Africa:

  • Policy options on how to finance infrastructure development;
  • The state of bank recovery and resolution laws in Africa; and
  • Crowdfunding out of private sector lending by public debt issuance.

The chapter looking at the state of bank recovery and resolution laws in Africa is based on the findings of Norton Rose Fulbright’s recent review of recovery and resolution laws for banks in Africa, measured against the Financial Stability Board’s (FSB) Key Attributes. These Key Attributes are considered to be the international standard for resolution regimes covering financial institutions and are designed to facilitate orderly resolution and continuity of failed banks’ vital economic functions to avoid exposing taxpayers to losses incurred by the banks.

For a more detailed look at the findings of our study, please register for our online interactive guide, hosted on our client knowledge portal, The Institute. The guide provides a practical overview of the requirements across Africa, including a comparison builder, an overview of the key themes, and regional insights.

Contacts: Alan Bainbridge, Simon Lovegrove