To promote the dissemination of real time public information (and to help in combatting the spread of fake news), internet sites operating within za Domain Name Authority (.zaDNA) top level domain name must be updated to include a landing page with a visible link to

.zaDNA is the statutory regulator and manager of ‘.za’ which is the internet country code for South Africa. This requirement would apply to all entities that have a website that ends with ‘.za’ and would include any company website that uses ‘’, every organisation that uses ‘’, and every academic institution that uses ‘’.

The requirement to have this link will apply for the duration of the declared national state of disaster. The link must be present on the opening page of a website, must be clearly visible, and must be an active link to the government’s website.

If you have not yet updated your websites to comply with this requirement, we suggest you do so as soon as possible. Although the consequences of non-compliance are not clear, it is a relatively simple exercise that can ensure compliance and assist in preventing the spread of fake news.

The direction was issued in terms of Government Gazette No 43164.