In Maine, USA, the interpretation of a state law involving overtime pay revolved around the use of the Oxford comma.

What is the Oxford comma?

The Oxford comma comes before the last item in a list of 3 or more things, usually to resolve ambiguity. This example illustrates its use:

  • Without Oxford comma: I love

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Most definition clauses do (and should) start with the words “subject to the context” and these words are important when applying a definition.

The supreme court of appeal said that definitions in an enactment (in this case a by-law) should not be slavishly applied.  Where the context requires it, the ordinary meaning of a word

Even if a minor enters into a contract with the assistance of a guardian, the contract may be set aside if it is shown that it was materially prejudicial to the minor at the time it was concluded.

Courts are hesitant to set aside contracts especially if they are settlement or compromise agreements.

Contract may