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Insurance industry ‘excited’ about InsurTech

Most insurance companies acknowledge that major change is coming and the insurance world is excited about the changes that InsurTech may bring. Recently we have seen reports in the media that local insurance companies are spending significant amounts of money in partnering with various InsurTech companies in an effort to embrace the changes. InsurTech is effectively … Continue reading

Minority shareholder protection and share buy-back as a remedy

Minority shareholders are not without recourse when they have suffered from oppressive or unfairly prejudicial conduct by the majority. The minority shareholder can approach the court for an order for the company to buy back their shares. The Companies Act 2008 provides for the business and affairs of a company to be managed by or … Continue reading

Payments to third parties under commercial crime policies

Payments to third parties do not qualify as a “loss” under commercial crime policies because such payments are not an “unlawful taking” by the employee. The United States District Court (New Jersey) recently had occasion to consider the interpretation of two commercial crime policies. The policies covered losses for “employee theft” stating that: “We will … Continue reading