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The letterhead is not dead

Email correspondence has by and large superseded physical correspondence and email signatures have effectively replaced company letterheads as the first impression a third party has of a company’s corporate branding identity. However, a company will usually have a letterhead for use for company correspondence. As part of setting up, a company should create a letterhead … Continue reading

10 things to know about South African trusts

A trust is an arrangement that allows someone to hold assets (without owning them) for the benefit of the trust beneficiaries. The key element of the trust arrangement is the transfer of ownership and control of the trust assets from the donor or founder to one or more trustees who hold the trust assets not … Continue reading

Bartering, making a comeback?

Bartering, the ancient and original form of trading used before the introduction of legal tender, allows parties to dispense with cash but still be able to acquire the goods and services they require. Tough economic times across the globe have seen an increase in trading by bartering. Bartering is making a comeback! Bartering consists of … Continue reading

10 things to know about South African private companies

In South Africa a company is recognised as a legal entity separately from its shareholders. Any claims arising from the company’s activities would be brought against the company itself and not against its holding company or shareholders. The statutory liability of a shareholder in a private company is limited to its respective capital contributions to … Continue reading

10 things to know about foreign companies as external companies in South Africa

Foreign companies with business or non-profit activities in South Africa may be required to register with the Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission (CIPC) as an external company. Section 23 of the Companies Act 2008 provides that a foreign company must register within 20 business days of first beginning to “conduct business” in South Africa. A company … Continue reading