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Cannabis grow clubs held not legal by court

The applicant failed to persuade the Western Cape High Court to extend the right to privately cultivate cannabis established in the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development and Others v Prince [2018] ZACC 30 to grow clubs. In the Prince case, the court held that the prohibition of cannabis use is unconstitutional in as far … Continue reading

Broker’s liability to clients (Australia)

This is an Australian case which concerns legal duties that a broker owes to its client (the insured) and the burden of proof that lies with the insured in showing whether brokers breached their legal duty. The broker provided the client with insurance brokerage services for over 30 years. The broker had obtained all-inclusive building … Continue reading

Condonation for late notice of intention to sue

Claimants who sue the State often have to apply for condonation for late notice, because the State must be notified of an intention to sue within 6 months of an incident occurring, and many claimants are unaware of this special time restriction. In Ndlovu v Member of the Executive Council for Police, Roads and Transport: … Continue reading