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Money laundering risks in a global pandemic

The Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) published a notice in March 2020 indicating that there will be no relaxation of obligations under the Financial Intelligence Centre Act 2001 (FICA) during the nationwide lockdown. A robust money-laundering policy ought to form an integral part of any company’s compliance program. Business’s compliance functions must operate effectively, even if … Continue reading

Brexit: your risks and opportunities

Brexit will have significant consequences for many businesses. The departure process will take several years but planning should start immediately to identify the risks and opportunities. Our team of lawyers with specific industry and EU law and regulation experience are available to support you in assessing how to address these challenges. Please speak to your … Continue reading

US Regulators highlight importance of pre-acquisition due diligence to avoid liability for corruption

Increasing enforcement of anti-bribery and corruption regulations and an increased focus on compliance have made a pre-acquisition compliance due diligence a common feature of cross-border M&A transactions in Africa and elsewhere. Many experienced transaction attorneys and dealmakers will be aware of the limits of even the most thorough due diligence. This has led to concerns … Continue reading