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Problems with ‘other insurance’ clauses

In a US decision as to which of two insurers was the primary insurer with a duty to defend the policyholder, the ‘other insurance’ clauses in each policy were different. The ‘other insurance’ provision in the Secura policy provide that “if other valid and collectable insurance is available to the insured for a loss” coverages … Continue reading

Covid-19 Insurance and Damage (UK)

In this judgment the insured restaurant argued that the requirement in the murder, suicide or disease extension that the interruption or interference with the insured business be caused by damage did not require physical damage. It was common cause that there had been no physical loss or damage to the insured premises or property used … Continue reading

The Rocket Docket in the US

Every year in the US an assessment is made as to the fastest civil trial court in 94 US court districts. The results are interesting. The fastest Rocket Docket was in the district of Montana with 18.3 months from start to finish. Texas and Arkansas followed soon after with 18.8 months. At the other end … Continue reading

A non-life insurer can insure its first-party risks

A March 2023 decision of the Financial Services Tribunal found that there is no implied prohibition in the Insurance Act on ‘traditional’ insurers (not cell) underwriting risks for both its own first party risks and third party risks. Abacus Insurance Limited (“Abacus”), a traditional insurer, holds a non-life insurance licence, permitting it to underwrite third … Continue reading

A settlement concluded in full and final settlement of all matters means just that

A February 2023 Labour Appeal Court judgment interpreted a settlement agreement that agreed to the “full and final settlement of all matters between” the parties and “in full and final settlement of all and any claims which the parties may have against each other”.  The employer and employee were parties to an employment agreement that … Continue reading

US court refuses to apply war exclusion to cyberattack

In May 2023 a New Jersey US Appellate Division refused to exclude insurers from coverage under an all-risks property insurance policy because the cyberattack which infected and damaged thousands of the claimant’s computers in its global network did not amount to “hostile/warlike action”. Merke & Co, a multinational pharmaceutical company was the victim of the … Continue reading

Sale of land agreement is void if it omits material terms (in this case subdivision)

The parties concluded a written sale of land agreement for unimproved erven purchased with the aim of subdividing and developing them into residential erven but an immediate subdivision was required because one erf extended into an adjacent development. The agreement was void because the parties had not agreed on the exact property sold because of … Continue reading

Where parties reach a settlement it puts an end to dispute and any litigation

The essence of a compromise (settlement) is the final settlement of disputed or uncertain rights or obligations by agreement between the disputing parties. Unless the settlement provides otherwise, it extinguishes the disputed rights or obligations. Where there is litigation, the purpose of a compromise is to prevent or put an end to the litigation. It … Continue reading

Trustees’ money laundering reporting obligations under the amended Trust Property Control Act

This blog was co-authored with Michael McCarthy, Candidate Attorney In response to the now-implemented threat of greylisting, South Africa enacted the General Laws (Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Terrorism Financing) Amendment Act, 2022. The following amendments to the Trust Property Control Act, 1998 became operational with effect from 1 April 2023. Every trustee needs to understand … Continue reading