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Sustainable Finance:  New Markets for Islamic Finance

This blog was co-authored by Kristin January, Trainee Associate Islamic finance has shown to be systemically important in many jurisdictions and is growing in the wider regions of the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Recent discussions focusing around the favourable prospects of green Sukuk are another growth driver for Islamic Finance. COP-27 highlighted the massive … Continue reading

Introduction to Islamic finance – a series

Attempting to define Islamic financing is not always easy. Put simply, Islamic finance is a way of doing financial transactions and banking while respecting Islamic Law (Shari’ah).  The underpinning principles of Shari’ah are based on social vision of public interest, equity, justice and fairness. Shari’ah gives guidance as to what is, and what is not … Continue reading

Energy update from the Minister of Energy

The Minister today committed government to a collaborative approach with the private sector in dealing with the current energy crisis in South Africa. At the DLO Africa Power Roundtable Conference today (26 March 2019), the Minister spoke positively about the imminent release of the final Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), the unbundling of Eskom and long-term … Continue reading

Judicial deference gives way to irrationality

Courts will not lightly overturn decisions of administrators. This is judicial deference. But deference gives way to irrationality. An irrational decision will be set aside, even if the court finds that it does not have the expertise to make the decision itself. In that case, the decision is remitted back to the decision-maker to decide … Continue reading

Crossing borders to procure coal – Coal Baseload IPP Procurement Programme

On Wednesday, 20 April 2016 the Minister of Energy issued a determination setting out what bidders can expect to see in the request for proposal under the coal baseload cross border independent power producer procurement programme. The determination provides that: 3750 MW has been allocated to the cross border programme, which is an increase from … Continue reading