In our previous articles in this series we argued that banks can create new markets for themselves in trade finance by providing digitised letters of credit or trade finance instruments for the movement of both digital and physical goods using blockchain. We also highlighted the fact that Barclays, together with the Israeli start-up Wave, may

Cybercrime happens at the speed of broadband with criminals able to easily move the tools of their activities from one location to another. Successfully combatting cybercrime therefore requires real time detection and investigation, often by different agencies in different countries.

Cybercrime has exploded internationally in the past several years in tandem with the surge of

The proliferation of data gives rise to two challenges:

  • Companies need to manage the vast amounts of data they now control and turn it to useful purposes.
  • The availability of so much data has been an ideal environment for an explosion of various forms of cybercrime.


The role of data scientists and analytic technology