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Annual returns process updated to include the completion of a compliance checklist

The CIPC has granted an extension for the filing of annual returns (due to the lockdown), but the process now includes the completion of a compliance checklist, to prove compliance with the Companies Act. Annual returns All companies (including external companies) and close corporations are required to file their annual returns with the Companies and … Continue reading

Essential service businesses, have you received an updated certificate from CIPC?

Companies which are registered to perform essential services during the lockdown should have by now received a new certificate from the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) for the extended lockdown period. The old certificates are no longer valid and will have to be disposed of. The new certificates should be automatically emailed to companies … Continue reading

SA websites must be updated to have a link to government’s COVID-19 site

To promote the dissemination of real time public information (and to help in combatting the spread of fake news), internet sites operating within za Domain Name Authority (.zaDNA) top level domain name must be updated to include a landing page with a visible link to .zaDNA is the statutory regulator and manager of ‘.za’ … Continue reading

BEE verification process amended to cater for COVID-19

Like many other changes being experienced by companies as a result of COVID-19, the requirement for an on-site visit as part of the BEE verification process prescribed by the South Africa National Accreditation System (SANAS) has been amended to take into account COVID-19. Prior to COVID-19, SANAS required BEE verification agents to verify and evaluate … Continue reading