Bad grammar does not necessarily render a contract ambiguous.

That was the sensible conclusion of this United States judgment.

Hall sued her former employer, Rag-O-Rama when it fired her less than a year after promoting her to an area-manager position.  A poorly drafted sentence in the employment contract recorded:

Hall is reminded of the

In June 2021 the High Court of Australia held that a clause in a business interruption policy that excluded diseases that were “declared to be quarantinable diseases under the Quarantine Act, 1908 and subsequent amendments” did not include diseases quarantinable under the Biosecurity Act, 2015 which had repealed and replaced the 1908 Act.

The insurers

The dispute arose under a settlement agreement in obliging the defendants to deliver 100 000 cubic metres of “clean sand (top soil excluded)” which was “stockpiled”.  It was not clean sand nor properly stockpiled and yielded only two thirds of the amount of clean sand, leading to a large damages claim.  The Supreme Court