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Meaning of “accident” in Zambian insurance law 

In this Zambian judgment of Mattaniah Investments Limited and Zambia State Insurance Corporation Limited,  the Zambian High Court considered the meaning of “accident” in a policy which indemnified the insured for loss of broiler chickens due to “accident, disease and illness”. The court accepted that an “accident” is simply something unusual, unforeseen or an unexpected … Continue reading

Hiring a sexual offender who causes harm is an insured ‘accident’ (US)

The California Supreme Court held that the negligent hiring, retention and supervision of an employee who sexually abused a 13-year old at a school where he was working was an ‘accident’ for the purposes of a general liability policy. In Californian law an accident is ‘an unexpected, unforeseen, or undesigned happening or consequence from either … Continue reading

Sitting is not an ‘accident’ (US)

In a curious case the Michigan US Appeals Court found that merely sitting for a long period of time which allegedly led to a truck driver dying of a pulmonary embolism while sitting in the cab of his truck at a truck stop was not bodily injury caused by an occupational accident. Medical evidence said … Continue reading