Why a franchisor should conduct anti-bribery & corruption due diligence on franchisees

When supplying an independent owner with the right to use an established business, a trade name, trademark, proprietary business knowledge and business system, it is essential for a franchisor to conduct a comprehensive background due diligence on that proposed owner.

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Whilst the world deals with the challenge of COVID-19, an equally concerning issue is the manner in which this pandemic threatens anti-corruption and anti-bribery efforts for organisations. Appropriate measures must be put in place to mitigate corruption and bribery risks.

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Increasing enforcement of anti-bribery and corruption regulations and an increased focus on compliance have made a pre-acquisition compliance due diligence a common feature of cross-border M&A transactions in Africa and elsewhere. Many experienced transaction attorneys and dealmakers will be aware of the limits of even the most thorough due diligence. This has led to concerns