This recent High Court judgment warns that class action certification is not there for the mere asking.

The lengthy 125-page judgment canvases issues such as the suitability of the class representatives, commonality, funding arrangements, litigation funders, contingency fees and whether there exists a cause of action raised on a triable issue.

It is worth a

This judgement contains: a very useful review of the development of class actions in South African law; a consideration of whether to certify the particular class action on an opt-out or opt-in basis and decides that the interests of justice warranted certification of the class action on an opt-out basis.

An opt-out class action automatically

Class actions have the potential to be abused by plaintiffs, for example where a large number of claims are brought for trifling amounts and there is no public policy issue. Whether a class action for a small recovery can be pursued will be decided at the certification stage of proceedings, but by then large amounts