Claimants who sue the State often have to apply for condonation for late notice, because the State must be notified of an intention to sue within 6 months of an incident occurring, and many claimants are unaware of this special time restriction.

In Ndlovu v Member of the Executive Council for Police, Roads and Transport:

A plaintiff who suffers damage usually has 3 years within which to sue the defendant. But a claim against the State must be notified within 6 months of an incident occurring. This notification comes before the summons is served. If a claim is not notified within this time period (set out in the Institution of

From time to time insurers are required to defend proceedings against their insureds who are organs of state or to institute subrogated recovery actions against such bodies.

The Institution of Legal Proceedings Against Certain Organs of State Act 2002 requires the claimant who wishes to proceed against an organ of state to give notice to