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Council for Medical Schemes banning of low cost benefit options

Healthcare has found its way into everyday conversations more so than in recent years. The steadfast movement towards a National Health Insurance has inspired vigorous yet contrary emotions with each side holding their position with equal conviction. On 4 December 2019 a decision by the Registrar and Chief Executive Officer of the Council for Medical … Continue reading

Australian report on health insurers is worth looking at

A report to the Australian Senate on anti-competitive and other practices by health insurers and providers of private health insurance is worth looking at by anyone engaged in health insurance in South Africa. You will find some interesting information regarding the type of coverage provided in Australia and the criticisms of health insurance practices in … Continue reading

Draft demarcation regulations 2014 – deadline extended

The final date for comment on the proposed amendments to the Draft Demarcation Regulations has been extended to 31 July 2014 because of the public interest in the regulations and several extension requests. National Treasury has also published a set of Frequently Asked Questions with their responses to some questions already received from stakeholders. The … Continue reading

Draft Demarcation Regulations 2014

The second Draft Demarcation Regulations were published by National Treasury for comment. The draft regulations deal with the demarcation between insurance business and the business of a medical scheme. Here is our analysis of the draft regulations. Interested parties must comment by 7 July 2014. Comments must be sent to Ms Reshma Sheoraj at LTdemarcation@treasury.gov.za … Continue reading