The social aspect of environmental, social and governance (ESG) is an essential component of a sustainable business practice providing sustainability, and perhaps it is even more important than the environmental aspect. This article focuses on the ‘S’ in ESG, and its importance in South Africa.

The adoption and implementation of ESG practices has become increasingly

Environmental, social and governance issues are playing and will play an increasingly important role in the South African insurance sector which should be proactive in contributing to, influencing and being part of ongoing discussions on integration of ESG principles into risk management, underwriting, capital adequacy processes, investment decision making, underwriting and underwriting disclosures, capital adequacy

The existence or absence of sound corporate governance has always been a factor when underwriting a D & O risk.

Sound governance includes sound ESG practices.

It is becoming standard for D & O underwriters to undertake an ESG analysis as part of the underwriting process so that underwriters can achieve as much comfort as

This blog was co-authored by: Bongubuhle Sibanda, candidate attorney

There has been a global trend encouraging the integration of environmental, social and governance issues to be part of the business strategy and reporting practices of companies. While the concept of ESG is broad, the component parts of ESG can be broken down as follows –