A Greek appeal court was recently called upon to interpret the exclusion under the Contractors’ Erection All Risks Policy which read:

the insurer shall not Indemnify the Insured for … The cost of replacement, repair or rectification of loss due to defective material and/or workmanship. This exclusion shall be limited to the insured items

A US construction worker was fatally shocked while repairing a bridge. He was working on a platform scissor-lift mounted on a truck owned by his employer construction company. He was working on a bridge owned by New Jersey Transit.

His widow claimed damages from the New Jersey Transit company.  NJT then sought cover under the

A New York appeals court refused to allow insurers to invoke a dishonest acts exclusion to avoid a bank’s claim for the indemnity of a $200 million fine paid to regulators. The clause read “This policy shall not apply to any claim made against the insured based upon or arising out of any deliberate, dishonest

An insurer was required by a Canadian court to provide an indemnity under a comprehensive homeowner’s property and liability insurance policy to the parents of a child who bullied another pupil.

The insurer argued that the injuries claimed by the plaintiff were a result of an intentional act of assault, threatening and bullying. The policy