Where an insurer provided a performance bond/guarantee in which it undertook to pay ‘on receipt of a written notice from the seller’ saying that the purchaser had defaulted, it was held that extinctive prescription only started to run when demand for payment was made even though three years had passed since the default event.


Where a retention guarantee was provided to a construction company for an amount to be demanded but not exceeding ‘a good faith estimate of the costs’ claimed, the contractor had to show that the demand was made in the honest belief that it was a correct estimate of what it was entitled to be paid

A performance guarantee relating to a building contract included language stating that it was issued for the ‘due fulfilment’ by a sub-contractor of its obligations. The guarantee also stated that the amount was payable on receipt of a written demand made by the main contractor ‘if (in your opinion and at your sole discretion) the

A surety does not usually operate a business providing security at a price nicely determined according to the assessed likelihood of the risk occurring. That is what insurers do.

Fusion Underwriting Guarantees Agency provided suretyships, called guarantees, as performance guarantees to contractors performing work on behalf of employer municipalities. Before doing so Fusion required a