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Rationality of an administrative decision

A government administrator’s decision may be irrational because it does not take into account a vital material fact for making a rational decision in the light of the empowering legislation and its purpose. The relevant question for rationality is whether the means, including the process of making a decision, are linked to the purpose or … Continue reading

Informed Consent Principles (UK)

The English Court of Appeal in a June 2018 judgment confirmed the principles relating to informed consent in medical malpractice claims. A woman had been suffering painful, heavy periods and lower back pain, for which she sought medical advice. After being given various treatment options, she chose to undergo a total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral … Continue reading

Duty of disclosure: is the refusal to renew residential policy material to a commercial policy?

Higherdelta Ltd was the owner of commercial properties including a restaurant in Scotland. Its company secretary, director and shareholder was also the owner of a portfolio of residential properties. The non-disclosure of prior events relating to the personal portfolio was held not to be relevant to underwriting the business policy. The restaurant was added to … Continue reading

Vorsprung drafting technik: preserving the no-claim bonus and disclosure

An appeal bench decision sets the cat amongst the pigeons in the realm of material non-disclosure. The well-known judgment in Jerrier v OUTsurance dealt with whether OUTsurance was entitled to reject Jerrier’s claim for accidental damage to his insured Audi R8 sports car. The reason for the rejection was non-disclosure of two previous motor incidents for … Continue reading