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Hospital receptionists owe duty to inform patients accurately regarding available medical assistance

A judgment of the English Court of Appeal which we called ‘bizarre’ and ‘peculiar’ has been predictably overturned by the UK Supreme Court. The Supreme Court found that the hospital run by the NHS Trust is liable to a patient with a head injury who had been given misinformation by the hospital receptionist that he … Continue reading

Law Commission report on medico-legal claims for comment by 30 September 2017

The South African Law Reform Commission has issued a lengthy paper on the investigations into medico-legal claims with proposals for the reform of the law in connection with those claims. The paper discusses the current situation and the legal principles underlying claims for damages for medical negligence, state liability, the basis for payment of compensation … Continue reading

Doctor/Patient confidentiality and failure to disclose genetic risk of Huntington’s Disease (UK)

A pregnant woman in the UK has sued a hospital and mental facility for failing to inform her that she had, through her father, a high risk of suffering from Huntington’s disease. Huntington’s Disease is a hereditary condition causing damage to the brain cells, giving rise to disruption of movement, cognition and personality change and … Continue reading

Exclusion for medical services in a medical malpractice claim (US)

Over a 150 patients claimed damages against a hospital because of an outbreak of fungal meningitis and related infections which resulted from the patients receiving injections with contaminated substances. The court held that there was no claim under the insurer’s commercial package policy based on personal injury claims because the policies excluded bodily injury ‘due … Continue reading

The importance of preserving medical records

The judgment in Khoza v MEC for Health and Social Development, Gauteng re-emphasises the utmost importance of maintaining and preserving all hospital and medical records in the original state. This was a cerebral palsy claim for brain damage sustained during a birth at a provincial hospital. The CTG records had gone missing without any explanation. … Continue reading

Doctors, mind your Ps and Qs

Damages were sought and awarded by a court in Virginia, USA against an anaesthesiologist and her practice after the attending doctors were caught on tape mocking a patient while he was sedated during the course of a procedure. Amongst other abuses, the surgical team mocked and insulted the patient and the anaesthesiologist called the patient … Continue reading

Medical malpractice claims fall to 14 year low in Pennsylvania, a lesson for South Africa

Unlike in Pennsylvania, our courts do not require a plaintiff to produce a certificate of merit as a prerequisite for instituting medical malpractice claims. The certificate of merit is designed to confirm that the medical procedures in a case fall outside acceptable standards. When the requirement was introduced in Pennsylvania in 2003, the number of … Continue reading

Joan Rivers’ daughter claims compensation after alleged medical malpractice: wrongful death actions

Melissa Rivers, the daughter of the late Fashion Police star, Joan Rivers, is reportedly instituting a wrongful death claim against the medical practitioners who treated her mom prior to her death in September 2014. A wrongful death claim can be instituted in South Africa based on negligence which results in death, although this is not … Continue reading