Section 8 of the Arbitration Act 1965 allows a court to extend the period allowed for arbitration in terms of an arbitration agreement if ‘undue hardship would otherwise be caused’. The Johannesburg High Court held that it would cause ‘undue hardship’ to refuse to extend a time-bar in circumstances where the events that caused the

In South Africa, for example, under the Policyholder Protection Rules or the Short-term Ombud’s Rules the running of statutory prescription and time-bar limitation periods provided for in an insurance policy may be suspended while a dispute is resolved.

German law also provides for some circumstances in which the limitation period in an insurance coverage dispute

The supreme court of appeal refused to extend the 180 day period for court review proceedings to challenge administrative action by the Free State Gambling and Liquor Authority because there was no reasonably satisfactory or acceptable explanation for the delay. In the absence of any proper explanation for the delay the court refused to grant

A Delaware court upheld a two year time-bar in relation to a property damage insurance claim arising from Superstorm Sandy because the action was instituted more than two years after the 2012 event and after coverage was denied by the insurer in 2013.

The limitations clause provided that ‘no suit, action or proceeding for the