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Constitutional Court launches Twitter account

Go to Twitter and follow @ConCourtSA for updates straight from our Constitutional Court. The court will use its presence on social media to promote openness and access to justice. Many more people will have access to information about the court. Keeping up to date with social trends and technology is a positive step that will … Continue reading

Defamation in the Twitterverse

Social media is not immune to defamation laws. More and more, courts locally and around the world have come to the aid of those who are the subject of defamatory statements made on Twitter and Facebook. The danger of social media is that it’s so easy to tweet before you think. To avoid getting caught … Continue reading

Social media: did you know?

We’ve broken it down for you. How many of us actually read social media terms of use? Be wary: you allow public information to be accessible over public search engines. When you tweet you: Grant Twitter a licence to use, copy, reproduce, process, adapt, modify, publish, transmit, display and distribute content in any manner or … Continue reading